Disney Leadership Institute

Mission Mission


***Due to the impact of COVID19, the Disney Leadership Institute will not take place this year and will return in 2021.***

The Disney Leadership Institute focuses on the individual and team development of sixteen selected student leaders who aspire to expand their leadership potential and foster positive social change at the University of Miami. Spanning the Spring semester, through interactive workshops, small group discussions, and practical application, the Institute allows to students to connect with their peers and gain insight into time-tested Disney methods while embarking on their own leadership journey.



As students’ progress through The Disney Leadership Institute, we expect students will increase their understanding and gain skills and experiences in the following areas:

  • Recognize leadership as a process rather than a position
  • Develop a greater sense of individual, group and community /societal values and the role that they play in providing effective leadership
  • Think critically about valuable leadership competencies such as diversity, decision making, and collaboration
  • Gain an understanding of how to translate ideas into goals and goals into action
  • Develop group facilitation skills to effectively accomplish common goals and achieve success
  • Gain insights into a leader's role in creating and supporting an environment that stimulates and encourages innovation within a team
  • Articulate Walt Disney's approach to developing and maintaining a creative team.
  • Identify actions to serve the campus or greater community to function more cohesively and just
  • Apply learned leadership principles to enact social change at the University of Miami