Student Organizations and COVID-19

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In addition to the University-wide Events and Activities Guidelines, the information below provides further guidance on how these University policies apply to undergraduate student organizations. The Student Center Complex has also outlined safe guidelines, policies, and procedures for reservation requests within its spaces.

It may be necessary to adjust these guidelines over the course of time. The Department of Student Activities & Student Organizations will communicate any changes with club leaders in a timely manner.

Student organizations are still encouraged to utilize virtual platforms (such as Zoom) to host meetings, when possible.

  • In addition, virtual platforms can be used to create hybrid meetings, where some members are physically present and others participate online.
  • First-time users must activate their University of Miami Zoom account by visiting, clicking on the SSO sign-in page, and using their credentials to get started.
  • For technical assistance, contact, call 305-284-6565, or visit Zoom's resource for new users. Additional training is also available on Zoom's website.

The University's COVID-19 Response

Any student who is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, or any unvaccinated student who has come in close contact with others exhibiting such symptoms within the last 10 days, must stay home and not attend campus meetings or events and should contact Student Health Service.

On-Campus Activities & Events

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  • Event Host Responsibilities

    Prior to a meeting or event, event hosts must communicate University guidelines to all attendees and ensure that all attendees are following the rules during the event.

  • Event Capacity

    The maximum number of participants at any given meeting or event will be determined through the reservations process by a combination of: 

    • University guidelines;
    • Laws, ordinances, and recommendations by government and public health officials; and
    • The size of space/room/venue, allowing for physical distancing as determined by the venue.

    Attendance at indoor events is limited to 50% of the normal capacity of the meeting or event space, with a minimum of 2-3 feet distancing between all attendees. Outdoor events are not bound by a specific number of attendees, however, physical distancing of 2 to 3 feet should be maintained, and approval must be received from the facility manager.  

  • Attendee Tracking Requirements

    Participant attendance for all indoor student organization meetings and events is required to be tracked via Engage. Attendance tracking at outdoor events is not required. 

    Instructions on how to set up event participation tracking on Engage can be found online. Attendance records must be updated within 24 hours of the conclusion of the meeting or event. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Department of Student Activities & Student Organizations.

  • Protecting Personal Space

    Student leaders must work with venue managers to develop room layouts that allow for appropriate physical distancing. Once event spaces are set, students must not rearrange the furniture.

    All student organization meeting and event attendees are required to comply with University guidelines and local ordinances regarding face coverings. Currently, masks are required in classrooms and indoor public spaces (including meeting and event spaces), including elevators, regardless of vaccination status. Masks may be removed while actively eating or drinking.

  • Events with External Guests

    Guests—defined as any person who is not a University of Miami student, faculty member, or staff member—are permitted at student organization events. Guests must successfully complete the University of Miami COVID-19 Screening Questions or CDC Coronavirus Self-Checker and be prepared to provide results to the event organizer prior to entering an event.

    Guests must provide their name and contact information as part of attendance tracking, and must agree to participate in UTrace contact tracing if they become positive for COVID-19 within 48 hours of the event.

  • Outside Performers/Speakers/Vendors

    Only approved University of Miami vendors are permitted to provide services on campus. Student organizations are responsible for ensuring that proper contracting and purchasing procedures are followed, as outlined in the Student Organization Handbook.

    Any outside performers/vendors coming to campus to support a student event must agree to comply with all University guidelines. All vendor employees who are coming to campus are required to provide their name and contact information prior to arrival and are required to complete the CDC self-screening tool prior to arriving on campus.

    Additionally, venues may require a Certificate of Insurance approved by Risk Management.

  • Meetings and Events with Food

    Food may be served at student organization events, with the approval of the facility manager. Event hosts must follow CDC recommendations and University guidelines related to food safety.

    Events must provide individually served, wrapped, and packaged food instead of buffets or platters to reduce potential contact. Similarly, canned or bottled beverages must be provided in lieu of open pitchers or shared punch bowls.

    Vendors must sanitize the food and beverage areas before and during the event, and hosts must eliminate the sharing of commonly passed items at events such as serving utensils. Physical distancing must be maintained while eating and drinking. 

    Student Organizations must cater from University vendorized companies. Chartwells and InStyle Catering are the preferred food service providers. Full catering menus, along with a Retail Catering Guide, are available online for student organizations.

    For other catering recommendations, please contact the Department of Student Activities & Student Organizations or the Student Center Complex Reservations Office.

  • Additional Resources

    We recognize that the impact of COVID-19 has made it challenging for your student organization to engage in the types of programs that may be typical for your group. There are numerous departments across campus that can assist with planning, including the Department of Student Activities & Student Organizations, the Student Center Complex Reservations Office, the Department of Wellness and Recreation, and the Office of Conference Services.

    For more information about the University’s overall COVID-19 response, visit  

Off-Campus Activities and Events

Off-campus activities are defined as any conference, performance, practice, competition, service project, retreat, or other social or professional activity that takes place at a non-campus location within Miami-Dade or Broward counties that are either supported financially by SAFAC, a University department, or other club funds or attended by more than five members of a student organization. Attendees must follow the same event safety protocols that exist for on-campus events. 

Events beyond Miami-Dade and Broward counties are considered travel and are governed by the Student Organization Travel Policy. Updated travel policies for the Fall 2021 semester are being developed and will be shared with the student organization community once complete. 

In addition to meeting University guidelines, all off-campus activities must relate to the purpose and guiding principles of the organization and must comply with the policies of the University of Miami as stated in the Student Organization Handbook and Rights and Responsibilities.

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  • Activity/Event Leader Responsibilities

    One student who is participating in the off-campus activity/event with the group must be designated the “Activity/Event Leader.” The leader is the main University contact and is responsible for ensuring that the group follows all established policies and procedures.

    The leader should work closely with the organization’s advisor and the Department of Student Activities & Student Organizations in the planning of the activity/event. In addition, the leader is responsible for notifying the appropriate University administrators in the event of an emergency.

  • Activity/Event Attendance

    Activity/Event Leaders are responsible for creating an event in Engage and taking attendance of all University of Miami students at off-campus activities and events.

    Instructions on how to utilize event participation tracking on Engage can be found here. Attendance records must be updated within 24 hours of the conclusion of the activity or event.

  • Transportation Policies

    All students who operate personal vehicles to get to/from off-campus activities/events are required to have a valid U.S. driver’s license for the vehicle being driven with appropriate classifications, restrictions, and/or endorsements. Vehicles must be properly maintained and serviced. All occupants must wear seat belts at all times, and the total number of occupants in a vehicle may not exceed 50% of the number of seat belts available, to allow for physical distancing.

    If multiple students are sharing a vehicle, masks should be worn, and it is recommended that windows are opened for ventilation. Driving is not permitted between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. without the permission of the Department of Student Activities & Student Organizations or the Department of Wellness and Recreation.

  • Emergency Procedures

    In the event of a motor-vehicle accident, the driver or Activity/Event Leader should:

    • Stop immediately and notify the proper law enforcement agency and/or emergency medical services (911). A formal police report is necessary. Inquire with the responding law enforcement officials about how you can obtain the police report number.
    • Obtain the following information from the driver(s) of other vehicles involved in the accident:
      • Name and contact information
      • Driver’s license number
      • Make, model, year, color, and license plate number of vehicle
      • Record the names, addresses, and contact information of any witnesses.
    • Call the University of Miami Police Department at 305-284-6666 and notify them of the accident.

    In the event of any other incident (medical emergency, student arrest, missing person, etc.), the Activity/Event Leader should:

    • Notify the proper law enforcement agency and/or emergency medical services (911) if necessary.
    • Call the University of Miami Police Department (305-284-6666) and notify the dispatcher of the incident. Please be prepared to give the dispatcher the student’s name and a brief description of the incident. The dispatcher will notify the appropriate University administrators.

Club Sports

FCS organizations are required to comply with all policies and procedures established by FCS and the Department of Wellness and Recreation. Policies regarding club sport practices and competitions will be shared with clubs prior to the start of the semester.