Student Organizations and COVID-19

shalala student center at sunrise shalala student center at sunrise

In addition to the University-wide Events and Activities Guidelines, the information below provides further guidance on how these University policies apply to undergraduate student organizations. The Student Center Complex has also outlined safe guidelines, policies, and procedures for reservation requests within its spaces.

The University's COVID-19 Response

General policies

  • All indoor student organization meetings and events are canceled through at least Monday, Jan. 31.
  • Outdoor meetings and events that comply with University safety standards will be permitted. Appropriate face coverings are strongly encouraged at outdoor events.
  • Student organizations should use virtual platforms (such as Zoom) to host executive board and general body meetings.


  • The maximum number of participants at any given meeting or event will be determined through the reservations process in consultation with the facility manager, which may vary depending on the nature of the event/activity.
  • It is the event host’s responsibility to communicate University guidelines to all attendees. During the event, it is the host’s responsibility to ensure that attendees are following rules and exhibiting appropriate behavior.
  • Guests–defined as any person who is not a current University of Miami student, faculty member, or staff member–are not permitted at student organization events until further notice. However, outside performers/speakers/vendors who are properly contracted are permitted.
  • Students who are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or have come in close contact with others exhibiting such symptoms should contact Student Health Service.

Vendors and food

  • Currently, food is not permitted at any student organization events.
  • Only approved University of Miami vendors are permitted to provide services on campus. Student organizations are responsible for ensuring that proper contracting and purchasing procedures are followed, as outlined in the Student Organization Handbook. Any outside performers/speakers/vendors coming to campus to support a student event must agree to comply with all University guidelines.

Off-campus events and travel

  • Off-campus events and activities within Miami-Dade and Broward counties are permitted and must follow the same safety procedures as on-campus events. Off-campus events and activities are defined as any conference, performance, practice, competition, service project, retreat, or other social or professional activity that takes place at a non-campus location and is (1) supported financially by SAFAC, a University department, or other club funds; or (2) attended by more than five members of a student organization.
  • Student organization international travel is not permitted at this time.
  • Domestic travel to competitions is permitted, while all other domestic travel is strongly discouraged. Travel outside of Miami-Dade and Broward Counties must be registered, and must follow the Student Organization Travel Policy.