Food Truck Policy

The University of Miami is pleased to welcome food trucks from across South Florida to campus for scheduled events throughout the year. This page has been created to provide an overview of contracting and insurance requirements that have been established to protect the business and legal interests of the University, and most importantly, the safety of our students.

Food Trucks - or vendors of any other kind - may only come to campus when invited, and when all necessary paperwork has been completed and approved by appropriate University of Miami administrators.

Each individual vendor is required to complete a University of Miami Vendor Application, which can be found here.

All Food Tucks are also required to carry insurance that meets the following specifications:

  • The University of Miami must be listed as an additional insured via the following legal wording: “University of Miami is listed as an additional insured under general liability policy, ATIMA” This has to be legible in the certificate.
  • The name of the company must appear in the insured box. If the parent company name is different, other names must be listed as DBAs.
  • The University of Miami must be the certificate holder. The following address can be used:
    University of Miami
    Risk Management Department
    PO BOX 248106
    Coral Gables, FL 33124-1437

To be considered for events during the year, please complete the form below, attaching your signed Facility Use Agreement and Certificate of Insurance. Completion of this form does not guarantee inclusion in any events on campus. Invitations will go out to pre-approved trucks on an event-by-event basis, depending on the needs for the particular event.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact Alexander Martin, Assistant Director of Student Activities.

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