Donation and Fundraising Policy

University of Miami Student Organization Donation Policy


Student organizations are encouraged to raise additional funds through fundraising. The policies that govern a student organization’s handling of donations are established by the Department of Student Activities, the Division of University Advancement, and the Controller’s Office.

Why is This Important?

The University of Miami has a legal and fiduciary responsibility to track and report all donations made to the University. To ensure that student organizations are complying with university policies and procedures, it is important that these established procedures be followed. Proper handling of donations helps the university appropriately recognize donors.

Types of Accounts

All financial activity takes place in the Workday system. Each student organization is assigned its own Cost Center. Within the Cost Center are two "Programs" – one for SAFAC Funds and one for Non-SAFAC Funds. The SAFAC program should contain ONLY funds allocated by SAFAC. Unused funds from the SAFAC Program are returned to SAFAC at the end of the year. The Non-SAFAC program should contain all other club funds, including money from dues, fundraisers, sponsorships, and donations. Unused funds from the Non-SAFAC program remain with the group.


To record and deposit a donation, the organization’s advisor is required to complete the Donation Transmittal Form, which can be found online here. Deposits can be dropped off at the Student Services Building. Detailed instructions on how to complete the form and where to take the deposit is located on the second tab of the Excel document.

To deposit funds received through member dues, co-payments for trips and activities, and revenue generated from ticket sales, bake sales, and other fundraising events, the organization’s advisor is required to complete a Cashiers Office Departmental Transmittal Form. These forms are available at the Cashiers Window in the Student Services Building. The advisor should endorse each check by writing the organization’s name and account number on the back. 

All donations and other revenue must be deposited on the same day that they are received, or the next business day if received after regular business hours. Holding of donations or other revenue is not permitted.

Tax Deductible Donations

Donations to student organizations are tax deductible when processed properly. Donations should be solicited to benefit the student organization and not to benefit a specific individual. Donations properly deposited into gift or designated accounts will be processed by the Division of University Advancement. Advancement will record the gift, place the funds into the appropriate account and provide the donor with tax receipt for their contribution. The donation should be acknowledged with a letter from the student organization. Monies deposited into agency accounts are not tax deductible and tax receipts will not be issued.


Checks being deposited into gift or designated accounts should be made payable to the “University of Miami.” Checks being deposited into agency accounts should be made payable to the name of the student organization.

Online Donations

Donations to student organizations can be made online with a credit card. Donors should be directed to , where they can choose from the list of organizations in the drop down menu. If the organization the donor would like to support is not listed, they can choose “Other” and enter the name of the organization in the comments box. The staff in the Division of University Advancement will route the donation to the proper account once it is received. Please note that there is a 3.14% service charge applied to each online transaction.

For additional information, please refer to Advancement Policy F65 Student Solicitation or contact the Department of Student Activities & Student Organizations at 305-284-6399.