Frequently Asked Questions

What is COSO?

COSO stands for the Committee on Student Organizations and is a group of student dedicated to helping new student organization become established as well as providing current student organizations with the training and tools to be successful on campus. Some of COSO’s well known events include Canefest, the Spring Involvement Fair, and SOAR awards to recognize excellence in organization leadership. COSO members have an office in the Shalala Student Center Student Organization Suite,  Room 210H and have someone present to help answer questions daily Monday through Friday 9 am – 4 pm during the academic year.

How Do I Start a New Student Organization?

In order to start a new student organization you will need to come to the COSO Office located in the Shalala Student Center Student Organization Suite, Room 210H pick up a New Student Organization Interest Packet. Once you read the packet you will need to complete the last page that lists the prospective president, treasurer, and advisor as well as a roster of 25 prospective members that are interested in your organization. Once this is complete you will meet with the COSO Vice Chair to discuss your organization and provide you assistance with the next steps of the process.

What is the COSO Database?

The COSO database is a networking tool for all student organization. You can access it by going to It is a great resource for finding out what events are taking place on campus, posting messages to your organization, as well as provides the ability to request membership to any of the 280+ student organization currently recognized by COSO.

What are the benefits of starting a new student organization?

By starting a new organization you have the ability to reserve rooms in the Student Center Complex, have access to the COSO database and be funded by SAFAC. An organization must be in good standing with COSO in order to receive funding.

Can I start an organization as a freshman?

As a first semester student you cannot start a new organization until your second semester at the University. COSO feels that your first semester should be dedicated to getting to know the 280+ student organizations as well as focusing on your academics before you take on the task of leading a student group.

Can I start an organization as a senior?

Seniors are not allowed to start an organization during their last semester at the University.

Who is my COSO/SAFAC liaison?

Your COSO/SAFAC liaison can be viewed on the COSO database under your student organization's profile and roster. They will be profiled at the top of the page.

How do I re-register?

Once a year we ask all current student organizations to confirm their interest in continuing to be recognized by COSO through a registration process. Registration will open in the Spring Semester. We ask all new presidents for the upcoming academic year to complete the registration form. The form can be accessed from the database by clicking on the Forms Tab located on your Engage profile. Please be prepared with the names, C number, UM email address, and phone number for the president, treasurer, as well as your advisor.

What happens if I do not re-register?

Organizations that fail to register by set Spring Semester deadline will not be allowed to participate in Canefest and will not be provide a SAFAC budget. If you are having problems with the system it is the organizations' responsibility to meet with their COSO liaison before the assigned deadline.

How do I register for Canefest/Spring Involvement Fair?

Both registrations for Canefest as well as the Spring Involvement fair take place on the COSO Database through a process similar to registration. Questions about either Canefest or the Spring Involvement Fair can be directed to the COSO Chair at

Who is the advisor of COSO?

Mercy Lavado and she can be reached at