Earn points by checking in to Hurricanes games and Category 5 events via the canesUnited app to win a variety of prizes and on-campus experiences.

When at a 'Canes home sporting event, simply open the app and press “Check in to this event.” Your mobile device needs to have location services enabled.




Google Play


Points Breakdown

  • 40 points: Track & Field, Swim & Dive
  • 30 points: Men’s and Women’s Tennis
  • 25 points: Women’s Basketball, Women’s Soccer, Women’s Volleyball
  • 20 points: Baseball
  • 15 points: Men’s Basketball
  • 10 points: Football

Additional points may be available throughout the year via promo codes or special events. Opportunities will be announced as they arise.

A Couple Quick Notes

  • You must have the canesUnited app downloaded onto your mobile device in order to earn points.
  • You can check in to an event starting at the time the event starts or any time throughout the event.
  • Points are accumulated through the year and will expire on June 1. The program resets each academic year.
  • Points are awarded for attendance. If we notice that your account has numerous attempted check-ins outside of the actual venue or that you are not actually staying to watch the game after checking in, we reserve the right to revoke your points and/or remove your account.


How do I start earning points on canesUnited?
Just download CanesUnited from the Apple app store or GooglePlay and create an account. Go to a ‘Canes game, check in, and you’re on your way!

Do I still get points for liking Category 5 posts on Twitter and Instagram?
No. Points are based on attendance, so they can’t be earned through social media. However, interacting with Category 5 on social media can still help you earn points as they will announce any promotions or special point opportunities. Follow us at @um_category5!

I scanned my ticket at a football game but didn’t get the points for it. Why not?
In order to earn points, you need to “Check in to this event” on the CanesUnited app. Attendance isn’t automatically synced with your student account.

Do I have to be a UM student to participate?
Yes, CanesUnited is only for students.

How do I get my prizes?
Each prize will have specific instructions for redemption once it is unlocked. There will be select prize pick-up dates on campus towards the end of each semester.

I got an email telling me that my account had suspicious activity and will be monitored. Why?
Our system is able to point out players that are possibly attempting to cheat the system. CanesUnited is meant to encourage and reward fans for attendance at sporting events. If you are trying to earn points without actually attending or staying at the event, we reserve the right to revoke your points. We understand that you may not be able to stay for an entire game, but you need to attend a good amount of it, not just check in and leave.

For any additional questions, feel free to email Category 5 at