SAFAC Resources


Guidelines are used to outline what items organizations can and cannot request from SAFAC. While Guidelines do not serve as an exhaustive list of items that can be requested, all requests must follow the limits outlined in the Guidelines.

Guidelines are determined by the Committee in January for the following academic year , and are always available on the SAFAC website. SAFAC reserves the right to add or clarify guidelines throughout the year, make exceptions, and/or deny funding when necessary.

Policies and Procedures

The SAFAC Documentation Policy provides guidelines for appropriate documentation that should be submitted along with budget requests. Please refer to this policy when preparing your budget request.

SAFAC Documentation Policy

In certain cases, organizations may be able to request modifications to their approved budget requests prior to spending funds. Please refer to the SAFAC Budget Adjustment & Substitution Policy below for more information. To submit a Budget Adjustment request, please visit SAFAC’s OrgSync portal and complete the SAFAC Budget Adjustment Request Form.

SAFAC Budget Adjustment & Substitution Policy

Certain Regular Budgets may qualify for an expedited budget process. These “Fast Track” budgets allow organizations to receive their funding results much earlier than usual. For more information and to determine if your request qualifies for Fast Track, please see the document below.

SAFAC “Fast Track” Expedited Budget Process

Funding Request Forms

The forms below may be used by registered student organizations to request funding from SAFAC.

The demo forms below can be used as a model for your SAFAC budget request.

Additional Resources

Additional resources compiled by SAFAC to aid student organizations in attaining funding. The Alternative Campus Funding list is not a complete list, but offers additional, non-SAFAC resources on campus for other sources of funding.