Stipulated Funds Process

What are stipulated funds?

Funds that have already been approved by SAFAC to spend but are not yet placed for use in your account, and are noted on the budget as highlighted and italicized.


What items will be stipulated?

Items that will be stipulated are items that require an extra step by the organization.  Travel will be stipulated because organizations are required to register their trips with Student Activities.  Additional items that will be stipulated include items that require a University contract (i.e. a coach, instructor, speaker, entertainment, etc.).  Items deemed as “capital” will also be stipulated.  Please remember that items can always be stipulated at SAFAC’s discretion.


What does it mean to “claim” my stipulated funds?

By claiming your stipulated funds, you are providing documentation that you spent funds in the way that was presented on your approved SAFAC budget.  Once the claim request has been approved, those funds will be transferred into your organization’s SAFAC account.


How do I claim my stipulated funds?

All approved SAFAC stipulated funds can be claimed via OrgSync form:  Be sure to include as much documentation as possible, including the approved University contract (for a performer, coach/instructor, speaker, entertainment, etc.) as well as receipts for all money spent.


How can I get reimbursed for money I spent out of pocket?

Students can submit a paper BERF as a way to request reimbursement for items purchased out of pocket.  Paper BERFs should be submitted AFTER the stipulated release form above has been completed and approved.  Be sure to keep and submit ALL receipts with the paper BERF, otherwise the reimbursement will not be approved.  Blank paper BERFs can be found in SASO (SAC 206) and at the front desk in the Student Org Suite (SAC 210).


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