Student organizations have the ability to appeal the funding allocation decision given to them by the Student Activities Fee Allocation Committee (SAFAC). This change resulted from a recommendation by the Student Activity Fee Task Force which convened in spring 2008.

In order to qualify for an appeal, the student organization must first meet with a SAFAC representative to discuss the reasons leading to their desire to appeal. If SAFAC and the student organization can come to an agreement, then the student organization may not file an appeal. However, if the student organization still feels that no agreement has been reached, or does not satisfy their needs, then they may file an appeal under one of these conditions:

  1. The allocation is in violation of the current year's guidelines or precedents in voting (the current precedent is outlined by the guidelines that SAFAC sets from year to year, which are posted on their website; violation of precedents does not mean “last year SAFAC funded this, but this year they are not”).
  2. The allocation is shown to be an egregious oversight on SAFAC's behalf (result of miscommunication, processing error, or technical mistake).

The Policy and Finance Committee for Student Government will review all appeals and work with the organization on their validity before determining if the appeal qualifies to be presented to the Senate body.

SAFAC meets on Wednesdays at 2:30pm. Organizations will be notified of SAFAC's decision by Wednesday of the next week. The student organization will then have until 12:00pm on that Friday to meet with a SAFAC representative and, if still necessary, file for an appeal. An appeal can only be made on the basis of a violation of that year's precedent as set by SAFAC or an egregious oversight on SAFAC's behalf.

Organizations that do not appeal their allocation will receive notice and funds by the middle of the following week, as current procedure. Organizations which chose to appeal their allocation will submit an appeal form to the Department of Student Activities & Student Organizations. Funds not in question will be allocated as usual. A copy of the appeal will be sent to the Chair of SAFAC and the Speaker of the Senate.

The organizations appealing will be advised by the Policy and Finance Committee during the Committee's Monday meeting. If approved by the Policy and Finance Committee, the organization will present to Senate that Wednesday.

During Senate, both SAFAC (represented by a SAFAC member) and the student organization (represented by a member of the executive board) will present their cases. A 2/3 majority vote of the Senate is required to make a recommendation that differs from that of SAFAC.

If the Senate votes to make an alternative recommendation, the Vice President of Student Affairs will receive SAFAC's recommendation and Senate's recommendation simultaneously, and will make a decision accordingly. The Student Government President will not have approval or veto authority.

For more information on SAFAC Appeals, click here.