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  • What is SAFAC?

    The Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee (SAFAC) is a student organization responsible for allocating funding to COSO-registered student organizations at the University of Miami. SAFAC consists of fifteen voting members, one non-voting chair, and two advisors.

  • What is an early budget?

    In the spring semester, organizations may submit an Early Budget request for the following fiscal year. Approved Early Budget funds will be transferred to organizations during the summer and Early Budget allocations are posted to Engage at the end of the spring semester of the prior academic year.

  • What is a regular budget?

    Regular Budget requests give organizations the opportunity to request money in addition to what they have been allocated in their Early Budgets. Items requested on an Early Budget cannot be requested again on a Regular Budget. Organizations can submit up to two Regular Budget requests during the academic year.

  • What is a travel budget?

    Travel Budget requests are used to request funds specifically for the purpose of travel. These requests are reviewed on a rolling weekly basis and returned to organizations within two weeks of submission. Travel requests must be fully approved before any funds are expended. In most cases, organizations may submit up to 10 travel requests per year.

  • When will I find out how much funding my organization received?

    All allocations are posted directly to each organization’s Engage portal. Allocations for Early Budget requests are posted at the end of the spring semester, and allocations for Regular Budget requests are posted approximately one week after the date of the SAFAC meeting at which the budget was reviewed. Allocations for Travel Budgets are posted within two weeks of the budget’s submission date.

  • What is a liaison and how can I find out who the liaison to our organization is?

    A SAFAC liaison is one of the 16 student committee members that has been assigned to guide you through the funding process. SAFAC liaisons have a thorough knowledge of the funding process and guidelines and will meet with you to answer any questions that you might have. Your liaison's signature is required before a request form can be submitted. You can find your organization's liaison here.

  • What is the difference between my SAFAC Program and my Non-SAFAC Program?

    In the Workday system, organizations have both a SAFAC Program and a Non-SAFAC Program. SAFAC Programs are accounts into which SAFAC directly deposits approved funds. Unused funds from this account are returned to SAFAC at the end of the academic year. Non-SAFAC Programs are accounts into which organizations deposit their own funds earned via fundraising, dues, or donations. These funds remain in the account each year.

    For more information on the various types of accounts available to student organizations, visit the Student Organization Handbook located at

    **Note: Student organizations are not allowed to open accounts with outside banks.

  • How can I check how much money is currently in my organization's account?

    All student organization advisors have the ability to check account balances. Speak with your organization’s advisor for this information. SAFAC Liaisons do not have this access.

  • Who can I contact for more information?

    For any additional questions, please email your liaison or contact the SAFAC Chair at