Student Reimbursements

How are student reimbursements processed in Workday?

Students seeking reimbursements for student organization expenses will be required to fill out the online reimbursement form located on the Controller's Office site. In order to complete the form, the payee will need to know the proper Workday Program ID Number (formerly account number). This number can be obtained from the organization’s advisor. Once the form is submitted by the payee, a Workday process (Ad Hoc Payment Request) will be automatically generated to route the request through the necessary approvals. Please note that this form is for students and non-employees only – University of Miami employees (who are not students) are required to complete an Expense Report in Workday to be reimbursed.

What documentation is required to be submitted?

Appropriate documentation must be submitted for each item included in a reimbursement request. The student being reimbursed will upload the documentation directly into the reimbursement form.
Documentation typically consists of an itemized receipt showing that the expenses were paid for by the payee. Quotes or proposals that do not show that payment has been processed are not acceptable. In addition, printouts of bank or credit card statements are also not acceptable.

If the reimbursement is travel related, a copy of the conference/event schedule must be included. If the reimbursement is for an on campus event or for other supplies, a copy of an event flyer or meeting agenda must be included.

Who will be required to approve the Workday process?

Once the Ad Hoc Payment Request is generated in Workday, the Program Manager/Cost Center Manager (usually the student organization advisor) and the Department of Student Activities and Student Organizations will be required to approve the reimbursement. Various factors may impact the approval flow, including the amount of the reimbursement or the nature of the items being reimbursed.

How will the payee receive their funds?

Once the Ad Hoc Payment Request is fully approved, a check will be mailed to the address provided by the student when they completed the reimbursement form. It is very important that payees provide accurate addresses (including apartment numbers) to ensure that they receive payment. Only U.S. addresses are allowed on the form. If a payee needs to send a check to an international address, they will need to contact Accounts Payable for specific instructions.

What types of items cannot be requested as a reimbursement?

Students are not permitted to be reimbursed for payments made directly to performers (including DJ’s), speakers, caterers, or any other vendors that require a purchase order or performance agreement. For more information on how to properly pay for these types of items, visit the Student Organization Handbook (

Can this form be used for all payments to students?

No. The reimbursement form is for out of pocket expenses incurred by the student in direct support and benefit of a faculty (research) project or for activities of a University of Miami-recognized student club or organization. Payment for work as an employee must be paid through payroll in Workday. All other payments such as awards, stipends, and prizes, have the potential to affect the student’s financial aid and must be processed through the Office of Student Financial Assistance and Employment (OSFAE). This ensures that the University captures payments made to students correctly, provides accurate tax information to its students, and reports to regulators appropriately.